Outfits, P.B.J.’s, and Bragging!

Let the Good Times Roer’s… This outfit is no longer available for purchase, but I am posting it because I wanted to offer my opinion on Rachel’s ability as a LuLaRoe stylist. I am very proud of what she creates! In my opinion, a LLR outfit can be put together that looks great but says,… Continue reading Outfits, P.B.J.’s, and Bragging!

From Darling Boys to Divas

Rachel and I thought it would be a great idea.  Our boys, Newt, Nate, and John… otherwise known as the “Newlabros,” would be allowed to assist Rachel and me with a few live Facebook sales in Rachel’s LuLaRoe VIP group page.  Heck, if they wanted, the boys could eventually do one of their own shows. … Continue reading From Darling Boys to Divas

Paperclips and Other Dangerous Household Items

Hello everyone!  The idea for this article came to me while I was lying in bed the other morning.  Actually, it was more like it poked me in the side. Rolling over on the mattress to get more comfortable, a blinding pain, out of nowhere, shot through my side and up into my neck!  As… Continue reading Paperclips and Other Dangerous Household Items

The UPS Driver… and What NOT To Do!

There is a song that I now play whenever the UPS man shows up at our home.  It is called, “Hey Baby, Que Paso” by the Texas Tornados.  I do this to remind Rachel of our little discussion that we had about what is considered appropriate and/or inappropriate behavior when she has packages delivered.  If… Continue reading The UPS Driver… and What NOT To Do!