Growing Boys

2012-12-15 17.03.08
Newton, John, and Nathan two years ago in 2015.

Hell VIPer’s!  It is time for me to check in with you.  I hope all is going well.

Well…, our boys are growing up!  Newt, Nate, and John are driving on their own, visiting girlfriends, and doing activities without Mom & Dad.  Newt is actually attending his first semester in college.  Good for him!  I know that I wrote about this a while back, but now that it is actually happening, it is making me stop and take notice.  I also know that it affected Rachel a couple of days ago.

I will admit that having the boys grow up is bitter-sweet.  I miss the fun we had when they were little, like the anticipation of Santa Claus

3 Newt as Santa
Newton visiting the house as Santa Clause.

or our adventures at night in the pasture searching for mountain lions and monsters with our flash lights (however, I do not miss those activities enough to be a grandpa yet, they better not!).  I also know that I will miss sitting at the dinner table, listening to them crack jokes and talk about their day.  Some evenings, I cannot keep up with them, especially when the wise cracks start.

On the other hand, as I mentioned previously, I will now get to spend more time with Rachel, chasing her around the house trying to take her measurements for LuLaRoe clothing.  I am lucky!  The awesome thing is we absolutely enjoy each other’s company (most of the time)!  Plus, we will be able to devote more time to LLR.  We want to offer you VIPer’s an enjoyable experience while you are with us.

The only problem that Rachel and I have now with this whole subject is clarifying with the boys that nothing has changed with our parent/child relationship.  We are not their friends; we are their parents.  They have to continue to pick up their messes, wash their dishes, and cussing is still not considered typical dialogue, even if they have hair under their armpits!

I will talk with you later!

(First published August 2016 in Let the Good Times Roe Facebook VIP group)


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