The UPS Driver… and What NOT To Do!

There is a song that I now play whenever the UPS man shows up at our home.  It is called, “Hey Baby, Que Paso” by the Texas Tornados.  I do this to remind Rachel of our little discussion that we had about what is considered appropriate and/or inappropriate behavior when she has packages delivered.  If this post relates to you (whether you are a consultant or customer), please keep a printed copy and read it on UPS delivery days (this pertains to the mailman too).   The following is most of our discussion…

One… if a box is unexpectedly missing from your delivery, do not raise your voice, curse, or act out in any manner.   Do NOT grab a fist full of your hair and jump up and down screaming.  Most importantly, it is NOT appropriate to growl at the driver.

Two… the UPS man has nothing to do with boxes that have not yet shipped from LuLaRoe.  It is not his fault.  He does not hate you.  You are not the only person in the world whose boxes are still at the warehouse.

Three… whatever happens…  do NOT wrap your arms and legs around one of the legs of the driver begging him not to leave.  It makes it uncomfortable for others around you, specifically your husband, children AND the UPS driver, not to mention making it difficult for him to walk back and get into the truck.

Lastly… bringing the correct number of boxes on the correct day has nothing to do with love.  UPS drivers are just doing their job, and I am pretty sure that most UPS drivers are married and have beautiful wives and families.  They are not going to run off with you to Lula Land.

With that said, let us all listen to the song…

“Hey Baby, Que Paso?

Thought I was your only vato

Hey Baby, Que Paso?

Please let the UPS man go”

Talk with you later.

(First published September, 2016 in Let the Good Times Roe Facebook VIP group)



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