From Darling Boys to Divas

Boys as Divas
Nathan, Newton, and John with Mom during their “LuLaRoe is Not a Cult” sale.

Rachel and I thought it would be a great idea.  Our boys, Newt, Nate, and John… otherwise known as the “Newlabros,” would be allowed to assist Rachel and me with a few live Facebook sales in Rachel’s LuLaRoe VIP group page.  Heck, if they wanted, the boys could eventually do one of their own shows.  It sounded like fun.  Besides, what could go wrong?  Well…, please let me explain.

Though their sales are awesome, I believe that I may have opened a can of worms.  After being in front of the camera for a few months, the Newlabros are now demanding new negotiations pertaining to their sales.  Rachel and I have not agreed to anything, but I thought that I would share some of their ultimatums.

First, the boys said that they should not be burdened with the presence of both Rachel and me during live shows.  They need to be allowed “artistic freedom” when they are on camera.  This means that Dad’s music, sales tactics, and dancing ability are definitely outdated and should be relegated to “off-camera.”  Rachel will be allowed on camera, but her time will be considerably curbed.

Next, the Newlabros want all further negotiations to be carried out through either their union representative or business agents.  To be sure, Rachel and I have not met any union reps or agents at this point, but during dinner last week, the boys gave us a quick run-down of both pre and post show demands

Newt, the diva who started all of these demands, would like a make-up artist, a masseuse, and his own trailer stocked with bottled water, sushi, and red M& M’s.  Nathan, who is making stipulations only because his brothers are, is demanding a personal masseuse and his own trailer stocked with Slim Jims, sushi, sodas and a nice sound system for his music.  Lastly, John who has the most demands, apparently due to his own assessment of him being the star of the show, wants a personal masseuse and his own trailer (with his name on it) stocked with pizza, french fries, steak (prime ribeye cooked medium rare) and sushi.  Oh, I almost forgot; to top it off, all three of them have agreed that they want to go on a cruise in the Bahamas.  There were a few other demands that I do not remember, but I am sure they will all come out as we meet with their agents.

As far as acquiescing to any of their demands, we will see what happens.  The boys have their hands full; Rachel is a tough negotiator.  Unfortunately for the Newlabros, the only promise that has been made up to this point is that, if they keep this up, they will definitely all receive a swift kick in the rear.

Talk with you later!


(Michael Newlon is not a writer, has not written any books or for any publications, has not won any writing awards, and is not recognized by anyone important in the writing industry. But, he still thinks, “Hot Chili Love!”)

(First published February, 2017 in Let the Good Times Roe Facebook VIP group)


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