Paperclips and Other Dangerous Household Items

Paperclip and Sizing Clips

Hello everyone!  The idea for this article came to me while I was lying in bed the other morning.  Actually, it was more like it poked me in the side.

Rolling over on the mattress to get more comfortable, a blinding pain, out of nowhere, shot through my side and up into my neck!  As I shot up in bed, I realized that I had positioned my rib cage right over the top of a large metal paper clip!

“Oh Raaaaachel,” I patiently and lovingly said to my beautiful wife in my normal, compassionate husbandly tone, “I found the clip that you were looking for last evening.”  She was using it the night before to keep clothes on the mannequin while taking photographs for her LuLaRoe adventure.  Somehow it managed to make its way into our bed!  Rachel just looked at the clip and chuckled!

“There it is.  I wondered where it went!”  She answered, completely ignoring the obvious.  Expecting (but not needing) her to acknowledge my almost certain brush with death just a few seconds earlier, I joyfully handed the clip back to her.  Let us be honest; that clip could have easily punctured one of my lungs, my liver, or even poked one of my eyes out while I was sleeping!  In spite of her cluelessness, I simply let her know that I was glad to be of assistance to her and her LuLaRoe (I am such a good husband!).

Nonetheless, this event made me think about the other items that have showed up in odd places throughout the house, for example hangers and hanger clips.  However, the items that I am most worried about are those little plastic hanger sizing clips.  They are small plastic pieces about the size of peanut M&M’s that clip onto the tops of hangers.  If I remember correctly, one of Rachel’s team members said that she found a clip inside a case of water that she had just purchased from the grocery store.  Figure that one out.

Talk with you later.


(First published November, 2016 in Let the Good Times Roe Facebook VIP group)


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