From Darling Boys to Divas

Rachel and I thought it would be a great idea.  Our boys, Newt, Nate, and John… otherwise known as the “Newlabros,” would be allowed to assist Rachel and me with a few live Facebook sales in Rachel’s LuLaRoe VIP group page.  Heck, if they wanted, the boys could eventually do one of their own shows. … Continue reading From Darling Boys to Divas

Paperclips and Other Dangerous Household Items

Hello everyone!  The idea for this article came to me while I was lying in bed the other morning.  Actually, it was more like it poked me in the side. Rolling over on the mattress to get more comfortable, a blinding pain, out of nowhere, shot through my side and up into my neck!  As… Continue reading Paperclips and Other Dangerous Household Items