Outfits, P.B.J.’s, and Bragging!

Let the Good Times Roer’s… This outfit is no longer available for purchase, but I am posting it because I wanted to offer my opinion on Rachel’s ability as a LuLaRoe stylist. I am very proud of what she creates! In my opinion, a LLR outfit can be put together that looks great but says,… Continue reading Outfits, P.B.J.’s, and Bragging!

From Darling Boys to Divas

Rachel and I thought it would be a great idea.  Our boys, Newt, Nate, and John… otherwise known as the “Newlabros,” would be allowed to assist Rachel and me with a few live Facebook sales in Rachel’s LuLaRoe VIP group page.  Heck, if they wanted, the boys could eventually do one of their own shows. … Continue reading From Darling Boys to Divas

My First Pair of Leggings

The moment my wife came home with her first pair of LuLaRoe leggings, I will admit that two slightly selfish notions entered my mind. First I thought, “Hot Chili Love!” Rachel looked sexy as heck in those leggings! I could, with nooo problem whatsoever, deal with leggings that fit her like that. And second, it… Continue reading My First Pair of Leggings